Indo-Japan Cross Cultural Masterclass at RUBIKA

A two-week long Indo-Japan Cross Cultural Masterclass (Vol.1) was held at RUBIKA India from 13th to 24th February 2023 to let the students experience and live Art & Design culture of Japan. The primary aim was to build a truly global design eco-system by bringing in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural learning experiences from global perspective. 
The Masterclass was conducted by Ms. Kayoko Tsuchiya – founder CEO of Seekers Base, Japan. Masaaki (Masa) Kawamukai - an Associate Professor of Kyoto University of the Arts, Character Design Department and Shinnosuke Uchida - one of the most recognized Manga live painters in Japan with many global followers and is regarded as a new icon of the Japanese Pop culture. 
The session began with Kayoko Tsuchiya San’s introduction to the Manga and Anime culture, which has become an integral part of Japanese life and culture. The students were given a virtual tour to the Kyoto Art University introducing them to various interesting challenging projects. Masa Kawamukai San took the students on a virtual tour to the Kyoto Art University introducing them to various interesting challenging projects. The students dived deep into the world of Character Design with Masa San. They conceptualized and created the Indian mythological characters in the Manga Art format. Yukihiro Tsujita San from Kyoto Seika university joined online for real time evaluation of students work. The students came up with truly amazing and interesting characters at the end of the session. The students also attended the session on UX/UI and had a new perspective on the topic. 
While all this was happening Shinnosuke Uchida San left everyone in awe with her creativity, focus and dedication. Working for continuous five days she has put to life a huge canvas of 2.28 X 4.20 Meters with the theme "Destruction and Recreation" drawing everyone's attention to her detailing to perfection.
Students produced exceptional enthusiasm and engagement and demonstrated their full commitment, support and participation. They surprised everyone with their enthusiastic participation in the Cosplay, which is a very popular culture in Japan. They truly merit credits for their hard work and dedication.